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EntryPointNotFoundException - Failed to find entry point for component

Aaron Kim


This error occurred while I was testing how to work with Java component.

With a very simple Java class

package com.org;

public class Greeting {
	public String sayHi()
		return "Hello Mule";

But when I ran the mule application and process GET request, it ended up with following error.

org.mule.model.resolvers.EntryPointNotFoundException: Failed to find entry point for component, the following resolvers tried but failed: [CallableEntryPointResolver: Object "com.org.Greeting@2bcaba60" does not implement required interface "interface org.mule.api.lifecycle.Callable" MethodHeaderPropertyEntryPointResolver: The required property "method" is not set on the event ReflectionEntryPointResolver: Could not find entry point on: "com.org.Greeting" with arguments: "{}" AnnotatedEntryPointResolver: Component: com.org.Greeting@2bcaba60 doesn't have any annotated methods, skipping.]. Component that caused exception is: DefaultJavaComponent{hellomuleFlow.component.17680342}.


From Configuration Xml, I have updated following

<component class="com.org.Greeting" doc:name="Java"/>


<component class="com.org.Greeting" doc:name="Java">
		<include-entry-point method="sayHi"/>

and it resolves the issue.